Introducing Zaabel’s collection of charms to add to your wishlist! Want some bling and clink? Go ahead and add those charms and get the best of both now! Create a stack of these gorgeous charm bracelets that reflects your personality the best and flaunt it with any outfit of your choice. With plenty of charms to choose from the possibilities are endless! Shop this piece here.

Here are some facts for you curious heads!

What began as a way to ward off evil spirits eventually became an evergreen fashion trend that has swept across generations of women and girls across the world. Queen Victoria was so obsessed with charm bracelets she wore and gifted it to her friends and started the trend among the 19th century noble class. During the early 1940’s, soldiers returning home after war brought small trinkets from Europe and Asia which the women attached to their bracelets and viola! The charm bracelets took over wrists across America and later all over the globe!


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