NOVEMBER STONE: The Jewel of love and loyalty-Topaz

“Who first comes to this world below
With drear November’s fog and snow,
Should prize the topaz’s amber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.”
— Gregorian birthstone poem

 Coming from the mineral family of Silicates, Topaz is a semi precious gemstone and is one of the most sought after semi-precious gemstones in the world of Astrology and jewellery. It comes in various colours such as pale green, blue, gold, reddish-yellow and opaque; blue being the most popular one of all.The word ‘topaz,’ is believed to have derived from  a Sanskrit word meaning “fire” and is a stone for planet Saturn.These stones are known to enable you to do the highest and best at everything you do which includes the enhancement of one’s creative abilities.The gift of blue topaz is said to be a promise of love and loyalty.

untitled-2Shop this piece here.

Nevertheless, who wouldn’t want to flaunt  this pretty blue stone all day, everyday?! Our blue Topaz collection of jewellery will be a perfect  to contrast the wintery greys of November. Visit now!

four-crop-with-jwellsShop this piece here.


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