The Jali-wali trend

The jali technique was used in architectural features that became widely popular during the Mughal Empire.It was believed to be originally designed to allow highborn women to view life outside their quarters while remaining secluded from the outside world, by incorporating it in window screens and room dividers. Jali jewellery employs a metal mesh technique that creates breathtakingly meticulous pieces of jewelry. Old times have long gone and jali designs have evolved but the love and admiration for it remains perpetual!


Our collection of jewellery incorporating the jali technique has undergone a complete makeover and we have for you a fusion of the old and new.These versatile pieces will be a perfect companion to go with traditional and western wear alike. Shop them at

                                                       Lace teardrop earrings  


                                      Modular Chalcedony studs with filigree work

za033_view-1                                                     Stencilled sphere pendant

                                                               Confetti hoops

za066_view_1-copy                                               Stencilled star charm bracelet


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