Season highlight: INLAY JEWELLERY

The technique of embedding a stone with another stone is known as the stone inlay process and they are commonly referred to as inlay jewellery. The “art of inlay” requires exceptional skill and precision as each stone is meticulously carved and shaped before being set directly into another.This process helps in enhancing the overall volume, colour and lustre of jewellery.

Our team of exceptionally skilled artisans have put in their best, to bring to you our collection of jewellery that has incorporated the stone inlay technique. Have a look at a few handpicked pieces down below! Shop them at

za002_view_1_1                                                    Pearl Inlay Drop Earrings

za019_view_1                                                                 Pearl Inlay ring

za035_view_1_1                                                      Pearl Inlay Pendant
za208_view-1                                                            Elegance ring

za036_view_1                                                Pearl Inlay Drop Pendant
za206_view_1                                                              Elegance studs

                                                      Brilliant Lazuli ring


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