new-blogHello gift-givers!

It’s that time of the year to prepare the holiday shopping list for all your loved ones whether they have been naughty or nice.Stuck in a rut with gift giving and need some help!?  Worry not, for we are offering you all the shiny goodies you can collect from our treasure chest for 20,000 or less. Click here to view the entire range.

Here is our thoughtfully curated top 10 picks for gifting this year. Spread joy and happiness while on a budget. Happy shopping! Visit for more.

Textured shell pendant

ZA146_VIEW 1.jpg                                                    Purple Haze pendant

ZA180_VIEW 1.jpg                                                        Alladin earrings

za183_view-1                                                             Grazia earrings

za121_view_1_2.jpg                                             Tourmaline Solitaire ring

za131_view_1_1.jpg                                                             Damascus earring


                                                          Stacked Damascus ring

za197_view_1.jpg                                                             Rose Leaf ring

za035_view_1_1.jpg                                                       Pearl inlay pendant

                                                  Twisted loop pendant


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