Accessories for the major make up trends of 2017!


There is a lot of hype about the upcoming make up trends for this year and we are totally excited! Here is a list of the top 5 make up trends for the year and how to accessorize them to step up the styling game.Shop at http://www.zaabel.xom for more!


This experimental, bold new technique has been taking over the run ways this year and will certainly stick on throughout the year.Bright colored eye liners or eye shadow smudges around the eyes with a dewy face and subtle lip shade does the trick! Dramatic, colorful and playful jewelry completes this look.
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The major spring ’17 summer makeup trend is all about looking naturally radiant.This upcoming trend is popularly being referred to as “non-touring” and the key to mastering this look is by keeping it glowy and not greasy. Prep up by using a prime, foundation and blush. Apply light coloured lip gloss and finish it off by applying brown or golden liner for the eyes. Minimal and subtle jewelry add to this effortless look.
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make-up-4Messy is good! It’s not all about perfect lines and curves but uneven and smudged makeup on the fashion front this year. Blending or smudging dark eyeliners/kajal around the eyes, using BB cream with light highlighs for the skin and light mate or dark glossy lip tints  along with jewelry with interesting forms helps you nail this look!
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The dark lipstick shades are a total game changer this season! This modern goth look can be achieved by sporting a bold, dark shade of lipstick along with light brown or smokey eyes. Contrasting shades of green and deep ruby reds incorporated into the accessories accentuate this dramatic look and creates more dimension.
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make-up-3Sparkle is all in this season! Glitter lips along, shimmery cheeks and glitter eye make up has been the talk of the town for a while now and many celebrities have been spotted carrying this trend. Remember to always highlight one facial feature with some shimmer and keep the rest of the face matte along with a bold lip colour of your choice. Simple studded gold jewellery goes perfectly well with this on going trend and helps draw attention to the overall look.
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