Charms_blogLooking for a piece of jewellery with the multi-purpose factor? Let’s talk about Charms! These little trinklets of love are the perfect companion to any girl who loves jewellery. Here are some styling techniques for charms:

Blog_charms_11) Wear them on a chain around your neck. Use a single charm or multiple charms to create a cluster charm.

2) Wear the charms on two to three chains and create a layering style. Double or triple chain ensemble with a charm on each

3) Attach the charms to your bracelet/bangle or layer a few bracelets with the charms attached to it.

Blog_charms_4 copy
4) Make a style statement by attaching the charm to a silk or metallic choker.

When it comes to styling your charms the possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for?! Head to to purchase these beauties and start your very own charm collection today.

hhh                                                        Madonna charms

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-8-19-29-pm                                                            Brilliant heart charm

untitled-1                                                        Colour pop charm (green)

untitlednn-1                                                                 Minaret charm

untitledhh-1                                                                    Neo charm

untitlssed-1                                                                Mystic charms

untitled-1                                                                Rhonda charm

g                                                                    Grazia cha

za219_view_1_1_2                                                              Chunky charm bracelet


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